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Bringing technology
with a human touch to our medical industry.

HERE, is where advance healing begins.

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Our Solutions

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Rehab Therapy x Advanced cobotics

Redefining Rehabilitation with

We present to you

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A technological initiative by

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Powered By


The optimo regen

The Optimo Regen
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In Action

Features of

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Ensures your rehab recovery plan remains undisrupted in times of pandemic.

Enabling patients to have more time on the rehab session rather than wasting it on long tedious donning setup as per existing robotic devices in the market.

Free motion with gravity assist, Assistive Exercises, Resistive Exercises such as Aquatic Therapy, etc to meet different

rehab needs.

Keeping you and your therapist well informed on your progress, to facilitate analysis for designing an effective rehab plan that is best suited to you.

the optimo regen

Power driven mobile base enables the device to be effortlessly moved around with a touch of the joystick controller.

Meeting Room

The optimo regen in action


Zero coDing knowledge? 
No problem with our Teach & Follow feature


Enabling therapists to program exercises effortlessly just by guiding the Optimo Regen through the motion and leave it to do the actual work with patients, relieving them from the laborious physical demands and freeing them up for other important tasks which can bring more holistic benefits to patients.

Teach and follow V1.png

Patients will feel as though the therapist is still there supporting them through the motions although they are not physically there

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White Room

In safe hands with

The optimo regen

Supported by multi-tier state-of-the-art safety features

Therapist E Stop_edited_edited.png

emergency stop buttons

Force Sphere Guard
Force Sphere Guard_edited.png

State of the art
Force sphere guard

Force-control technology 


OR in ward V2_edited_edited.jpg

Post surgery

The Optimo Regen's human motion compliant technology can provide consistent and customisable support even to patients whom are more delicate. 

As patient progresses in their recovery,

the robotic assistance level can also be modify to suit each patient's unique needs.

Powered by


OR 2_edited_edited.png

Promotes muscle memory
which helps patient improve mobility

White Walls

Enabling therapists to help patients
achieve faster recovery


Patient and Therapist V3_edited.png

Empowering patients and therapist
with advanced human-like robotic technologies


Consistent and precise support enable patients to recover faster through higher intensity and frequency of therapy sessions.

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Aquatic-like Therapy

A variety of study-backed new exercises can be faithfully realized with the Optimo Regen, combined with full or partial gravity assistance support, resistance-free voluntary movement, smooth and safe assistance or resistance.

Aquatic therapy, which is well acknowledged by patients and therapists, can also be realized with the Optimo Regen.

Image by Etienne Boulanger


“Technologies like this to have the patients doing beneficial neuro-reeducation activities even when they’re not one-to-one with a therapist will be incredibly helpful”

Dr Kelly Wright
Doctor of Physical Therapy, USA

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HERE Life Science was established with the purpose of providing technological medical solutions to the medical industry.


In the pipeline are more exciting advance solutions tailored to tackle limitations in the industry with technological breakthroughs.


HERE will be home to many more advanced medical innovations to come, and we have only just begun.

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